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News & Events


WJSM broadcasts most of the Pennsylvania State Singing Convention live from the Morrisons Cove Memorial Park in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania.
Listeners love the live coverage of the convention and highlights are aired from the convention all night each night of the convention.

The Pennsylvania State Singing Convention is scheduled the second full weekend of August each year and attracts dozens of Gospel groups and thousands of fans. For more information, please go to the PENNSYLVANIA STATE SINGING CONVENTION website.


Community is important to WJSM.
We enjoy serving our seniors in a ministry of Joy called:

Remember to set aside the second Friday of each month from 10:45AM until 1:00PM A great time of fellowship, fun, great food and a gospel message in the West Loop Missionary Church Fellowship Hall. The church is Located on West Loop Road 5 miles south of downtown Hollidaysburg, Pa.



Share-A-Thon is a way listeners can participate by giving to support Christian radio as we seek to bring Godly music and programming that minister the word of God to the world through radio. Join us each year for Share-A-Thon week with a cast of great personalities and wonderful visitors to help raise funds needed to keep WJSM on the air. If during the year, after Share-A-Thon week has come and gone, you feel lead to give to WJSM, feel free to call us at 814-793-2188

Please, call us for prayers anytime; we would love to pray for you.


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On Air Personalities

Big Larry... A big Teddy Bear that's not for sale

Good old Chap here's Brother Hap


The Daddy of the Share-A-Thon, Pastor Dave McCaulley

Went home to be with our Lord Dec. 14, 2013


The beautiful, talented and blurry Pastor Gary Dull

Kind and lovabe Pastor Elwood Pfaunmiller

A God first man, Pastor Ken Downs




A joy to be around, Pastor Ron Page


The Verbally Challenged but forever lovable Tom Smith

Our fuzzy friend, Dale Suiters

The golden voiced Pastor Dave Foor

Making radio visual via the net, Pastor Joe Himes

Pastor Tim Mcintyre; happy to be here!

Pastor Dewey Whitfield / The Principal!

The chirping Saint Phil McCaulley

Little srummerboy Terry Mcalerney


Pastor Keith Showalter

Hap's friend Jim

Big Larry and Joe Emert - The Radio Bosses

Big Larry's grandson Aydyn; Daddy (Jon) tags along

Big Larry teaching Aydyn how to fall asleep on the job

Hap awaits his shift following Aydyn

WJSM is good to grow because God’s Word says,

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6 KJV)


Here comes the labourers

Past and Present!

The "GOODIES COUPLE" Leroy and Doris Robertson; a Blesed husband and wife team!

Goodie sampler Albert Walters; tough job but somebody has to do it!

Lanita Walters smiling people in!

The glowing smile of the ever capable Debbie Walters

Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest,

that He will send labourers into the harvest.

Matthew 9:38 KJV


Meadows DELICIOUS frozen custard for all!


Diane answers phones while eating

DELICIOUS Meadows frozen custard!


Recharging time!

A doggies lullaby!




Another Share-A-Thon has come;

it's ok Deb, I'm just resting my eyezzz...zzz...

Sweet dreams our dear friend; sweet dreams...




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